Ringtone is a short music track for your cell phone.


Ringtone – is a tune for your cell phone, typically it’s a short music track. That’s how ringtone differs from a full music track. If you want to create a ringtone, you need to trim a full track. This useful tool will allow you to select a certain part of the track ­ the one you consider the best for the ringtone.

Music tracks for your cell­phone can either be taken from your computer or from the VK social network ­ the biggest audio­store in Runet ­ where you can find tracks for ringtones as well as for alarms.

It happens quite often that you like a certain part of the music track while the rest of it is annoying. That’s we designed our service so that you are able to use for your ringtone the exact part of track which you like the most. That is a very useful function which allows you to create unique individual ringtones.

Rigntone should not only be audible but recognizable.

You just need to upload your favourite track, select its certain part and trim mp3.

You need to press the upload button on the main page and select a necessary file to make a ringtone. Then you need to mark out the sequence which will be saved on your computer in convenient mp3 format. This format works for the majority of modern devices ­ from the brand new smartphone to old secondhand clamshell. The service is available for free. If you don’t like the result you can easily try once again. Moreover, the system allows you to make as many ringtones with as many new tracks as you need. Each of them can fulfil different functions: some could be used for family members, others for friends and colleagues. And certainly you can create a ringtone for a tune you start your day with ­ for an alarm­clock.